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To solve the problem of soul-destroying hotel visits and thus vacations, travelers must only book new rooms, which means either newly built or totally renovated hotels. Unlike old hotels, new ones are clean, has a staff that appreciates and are proud of there workplace. Each year a large number of new hotels, hostels and b&b’s are built around the world. And many old ones are completely renovated to upgrade utilities and match the needs of a modern hotel guest. The key here is to make people realize that hotels are nasty and as they age they become more nasty not less and so we should not let them age too much – this is the goal of Knewh. Easy booking, know what to expect and enjoy your visit every time.

Why book new hotels?

Hotels often uses star rating 1 to 5-stars to classify there quality. Though star ratings nowadays more define the hotel experience as a hole, the initial purpose was to inform the guest of what facilities to expect. There are many other ways hotels are rated, graded and classified. However non of these seem to take the most important quality variable into consideration. The age of the facility. We need to look at hotels the same way car rentals look at cars. Only new ones (despite class) are good enough. Travelers should always book new hotels just like they always rent new cars except for maybe in Cuba.

Why hasn’t this been done before?

Currently old and new hotels are mixed in the users search results. In popular cities like London sometimes thousands of hotels are displayed in a single search. This is how choice overload occurs and even renders search filters useless. Knewh solves this by creating an expiration date of ten years. This eliminates hotels in bad conditions, overchoice and anxiety associated with booking hotels. This is done with every other product (like milk), we don’t know why it hasn’t been done before with hotel rooms, but probably because travelers keep booking old hotels.

Are old hotels cheaper than new ones?

No. If you book a 5-star hotel that was built 1988 and maybe partially touched along the way with new wallpaper and changed bulbs. That would cost you the same amount as for a brand new 5-star  hotel built 2017 in a location that is more relevant today than the location of the 1988 hotel. And we also don’t think its fair to photoshop hotel images in order to make travelers think that a room is fresher than it is. That would never work for a car rental.

Whats the end game?

The knewh end game is to disrupt the industry by cementing our ten year expiration date. This will result in more frequent hotel renovations and old and or poorly maintained hotels becoming way cheaper than there counterparts.

Stay at the new hotel in town

  • Hotels on knewh are maximun 10 years old
  • Avoid choice overload
  • Find the perfect hotel room every time
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